C.3.4 Visit Admission Module

Table C.3-4 defines the Attributes relevant to admitting a patient during a visit.


Attribute Name Tag Attribute Description
Referring Physician's Name (0008,0090) Patient's primary referring physician for this visit
Referring Physician's Address (0008,0092) Referring physician's address
Referring Physician's Telephone Numbers (0008,0094) Referring physician's telephone numbers
Referring Physician Identification Sequence (0008,0096) Identification of the patient's referring physician. Only a single item shall be included in this sequence.
>Include ‘Person Identification Macro’ Table 10-1
Admitting Diagnoses Description (0008,1080) Description of admitting diagnosis (diagnoses).
Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence (0008,1084) A sequence that conveys the admitting diagnosis (diagnoses). One or more Items shall be included in this Sequence.
>Include ‘Code Sequence Macro’ Table 8.8-1 No Baseline Context ID is defined.
Route of Admissions (0038,0016) Mode of admission: emergency, normal
Admitting Date (0038,0020) Date patient visit began
Admitting Time (0038,0021) Time patient visit began