C. Implant Template Group Module Attribute Description

C. Implant Template Group Member Matching Coordinates

Template Groups are used to facilitate browsing through a set of similar implants. The Template Group Member Matching Coordinates is a coordinate system in the Frame of Reference of every member of the group which is used to place and orient the members of the group in a similar way: When a user or a system positioned one member of the group within the Frame of Reference of the patient, then all other members of the family are placed and oriented so that their Template Group Member Matching Coordinates coincide.

The matching coordinates are applied similar to the mating features during implant template mating. An example is found in part 17, Figure C.


Figure C. Implant Template Groups Example.

C. Implant Template Groups

Implant templates in the group can be ordered according to several orthogonal dimensions, e.g., width and length. This is intended to facilitate scrolling through the implant template repository by offering references to the next bigger and smaller templates according to multiple criteria. Figure C. shows how the Variation Dimensions may be used for plates that differ in two dimensions: length and number of holes.


Number of holes
Rank 1 2 3 4
Length 1 [pic] ID1 [pic] ID2
2 [pic] ID3 [pic] ID4 [pic] ID5
3 [pic] ID6 [pic] ID7 [pic] ID8 [pic] ID9

Figure C. Implant Template Group for 2 Dimensions Example