C.29.1.3 Generic Implant Template 3D Models Module

Table C.29.1.3-1 defines the general Attributes of the Generic Implant Template 3D Models Module. This module contains Attributes that add context and scaling information to surfaces specified in the Surface Mesh Module (C.27.1), for 3D Models in an Implant Template Instance.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Implant Template 3D Model Surface Number (0068,6350) 1 Surface Number (0066,0003) of the surface that represents the shape of the entire implant.
Surface Model Description Sequence (0068,6360) 1 The description of the Surface Model. One or more Items shall be included in this sequence. Shall contain one Item per Item in the Surface Sequence (0066,0002).
>Referenced Surface Number (0066,002C) 1 Reference to a Surface Number (0066,0003) present in the Surface Sequence (0066,0002).
>Surface Model Label (0068,6380) 1 Label for this surface.
Surface Model Scaling Factor (0068,6390) 1 Scaling factor (mm/Surface unit) See C.

C. Generic Implant Template 3D Models Attribute Descriptions

C. Surface Model Scaling Factor

Surface Model Scaling Factor (0068,6390) is used to scale dimensions of the surface mesh representation to match the real dimensions of the implant measured in millimeters.

This Attribute does not compensate for any radiographic geometric magnification effect caused by the diverging X-ray beam in the projection patient images used for planning. Such compensation is the responsibility of the application based on calibration of the imaging process.