C.24.1 Encapsulated Document Series Module

Table C.24-1 defines the Encapsulated Document Series Attributes.

Table C.24 -1 Encapsulated Document Series Module Attributes

Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Modality (0008,0060) 1 The modality appropriate for the encapsulated document. This Type definition shall override the definition in the SC Equipment Module. See section C. for Defined Terms. Note: SR may be an appropriate value for an Encapsulated CDA document with a structured XML Body.
Series Instance UID (0020,000E) 1 Unique identifier of the Series.
Series Number (0020,0011) 1 A number that identifies the Series.
Referenced Performed Procedure Step Sequence (0008,1111) 3 Uniquely identifies the Performed Procedure Step SOP Instance for which the Series is created. Only a single Item is permitted in this sequence. Note: The Performed Procedure Step referred to by this Attribute is the Step during which this Document is generated.
>Include ‘SOP Instance Reference Macro' Table 10-11
Series Description (0008,103E) 3 Description of the Series
Series Description Code Sequence (0008,103F) 3 A coded description of the Series. Only a single Item is permitted in this sequence.
>Include Code Sequence Macro Table 8.8-1 No Baseline Context ID is defined.
Request Attributes Sequence (0040,0275) 3 Sequence that contains attributes from the Imaging Service Request. One or more Items are permitted in this sequence.
>Include Request Attributes Macro Table 10-9 No Baseline Context IDs defined
Include Performed Procedure Step Summary Macro Table 10-16 No Baseline Context IDs defined