C. Hanging Protocol Selector Attribute Context Macro Attribute Descriptions

C. Selector Sequence Pointer

The Sequence Attribute in the referenced Image identified by the value of Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) may have more than one Item, in which case the filter or image set selector is applied to the values of the attribute identified by Selector Attribute (0072,0026) in all Items of the Sequence. The Selector shall match the specified value(s) of the specified Attribute in any Item of the Sequence Attribute in the referenced Image.

If the Functional Group Pointer (0020,9167) attribute is not present, then the Sequence Attribute identified by Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) resides in the top level Data Set of the referenced Image.

C. Functional Group Pointer

The Functional Group Sequence is a Sequence Attribute contained within a Shared Functional Groups Sequence (5200,9229) Item or a Per-frame Functional Groups Sequence (5200,9230) Item. See C.7.6.16.

The Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) may be used to further nest the reference to a Sequence Attribute within a Functional Group Sequence identified by Functional Group Pointer (0020,9167).

C. Private Attribute References

The Functional Group Private Creator (0020,9238), Selector Sequence Pointer Private Creator (0072,0054), and the Selector Attribute Private Creator (0072,0056) each has a value that corresponds to the Private Creator Data Element numbers (gggg,00pp), where gggg is odd and pp ranges from 10 to FF. These identify a block of Private Data Elements within the block (gggg,ppxx). When the Selector Attribute (0072,0026), Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) or Functional Group Sequence Pointer (0020,9167) points to a Private Data Element, (gggg,ppxx), it shall have the value (gggg,00xx).