C. Display Environment Spatial Position

For the Display Environment Spatial Position (0072,0108) attribute, the lower left corner of the overall bounding box has Cartesian coordinates of (0.0,0.0). The upper right corner has coordinates of (1.0,1.0). The scale of the box is based on the Number of Vertical Pixels (0072,0104) and Number of Horizontal Pixels (0072,0106), not the physical size of the screens that are part of the workstation. The coordinates of each individual screen’s box are defined in absolute coordinates relative to the (0,0) and (1,1) range of the overall box. Position of a box is given by a (x1,y1), (x2,y2) pair that identifies the upper left corner and lower right corner if the box is rectangular.

Note: The goal is not absolute position matching of the image boxes rendered on the screens using Hanging Protocol layout information, but that the relative positioning of the image boxes should be consistent between different workstations.

Figure C.23.2-1 depicts a 1K x 1K screen positioned to the left of a 2K x 2.5K screen. The Display Environment Spatial Position (0072,0108) of the 1K x 1K screen is (0.0,0.4) (0.33,0.0), and the Display Environment Spatial Position (0072,0108) of the 2K x 2.5K screen is (0.33,1.0) (1.0,0.0).


Figure C.23.2-1 Example Hanging Protocol Screen Environment