C. Vector Grid Data

The Vector Grid Data attribute (0064,0009) contains the vector data. Each voxel in the Vector Grid Data attribute (0064,0009) is represented by an [pic] vector. The vector describes the direction and magnitude of the deformation at the center of the deformation voxel.

The order of vectors sent for each vector plane shall be left to right, top to bottom, i.e., the upper left vector (labeled 1,1) is sent first followed by the remainder of row 1, followed by the first vector of row 2 (labeled 2,1) then the remainder of row 2 and so on.

A vector triple with values of (NaN,NaN,NaN) shall indicate that the transformation at that point of the deformation grid is undefined.

The size of this attribute value is determined by the dimensions specified in the Grid Dimensions attribute (0064,0007). For dimensions of X D \Y D \Z D , the size of the attribute value can be calculated with the equation:

Number of Bytes = X D * Y D * Z D * 3 * 4