C.19.1 Raw Data Module

Table C.19-1 specifies the attributes that describe a raw data stream.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Instance Number (0020,0013) 2 A number that identifies this raw data. The value shall be unique within a series.
Content Date (0008,0023) 1 The date the raw data creation was started.
Content Time (0008,0033) 1 The time the raw data creation was started.
Acquisition DateTime (0008,002A) 3 The date and time that the acquisition of data started. Note: The synchronization of this time with an external clock is specified in the synchronization Module in Acquisition Time synchronized (0018,1800).
Image Laterality (0020,0062) 3 Laterality of (possibly paired) body part examined. Enumerated Values: R = right L = left U = unpaired B = both left and right
Creator-Version UID (0008,9123) 1 Unique identification of the equipment and version of the software that has created the Raw Data information. The UID allows one to avoid attempting to interpret raw data with an unknown format.
Referenced Instance Sequence (0008,114A) 3 Other Instances significantly related to this Instance. One or more Items are permitted in this Sequence.
>Include ‘Image SOP Instance Reference Macro’ Table 10-3
>Purpose of Reference Code Sequence (0040,A170) 1 Describes the purpose for which the reference is made. Only a single Item shall be included in this sequence. See C.
>>Include ‘Code Sequence Macro’ Table 8.8-1 No Baseline Context ID is defined.
Include any private attributes that contain Raw Data information. See section C.19.1.1 for further explanation.

C.19.1.1 Raw Data

The Raw Data stored with the Raw Data Module consists of one or more private attributes that are vendor specific. No rules are specified about the content and format of the raw data.