C. Continuity of Content

Continuity of Content (0040,A050) specifies whether or not all the Content Items contained in a CONTAINER are logically linked in a continuous textual flow, or are separate entities. It only applies to the children contained in the container, and not their children (which if containers themselves, will have the attribute specified explicitly).

Note s : 1. This allows the interspersing of measurements, codes, and image references, amongst text. For example, the following: “A mass of diameter = 3 cm was detected.” can be represented by the following Content Items in a CONTAINER with a Continuity of Content (0040,A050) of CONTINUOUS:

TEXT “A mass of”

NUM “Diameter” 3 “cm”

TEXT “was detected.”

2. The Continuity of Content applies only to subsidiary Content Items with Relationship Type CONTAINS. Other subsidiary items, e.g., with Relationship Type HAS CONCEPT MOD or HAS OBS CONTEXT, are not part of the Continuity of Content, but apply to the Container as a whole.