C.18.7 Temporal Coordinates Macro

Table C.18.7-1 specifies the Attributes that convey TCOORD Content Items. A TCOORD Content Item shall be the Source Content Item of one or more SELECTED FROM relationships with one or more SCOORD Content Items, one or more IMAGE Content Items, or one or more WAVEFORM Content Items.

Notes: 1. The same set of temporal coordinates may be selected from more than one single-frame image, or more than one frame of a multi-frame image, or from images and waveforms when the purpose of reference is applicable to multiple objects. For example, the definition of a sampling period at different spatial locations on multiple images and a synchronously acquired waveform.

2. Temporal coordinates may refer to spatial coordinates which in turn refer to one or more frames or images, for example to indicate a region localized in both time and space.

Table C.18.7-1


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Temporal Range Type (0040,A130) 1 See C. for Enumerated Values.
Referenced Sample Positions (0040,A132) 1C List of samples within a multiplex group specifying temporal points of the referenced data. Position of first sample is 1. Required if the Referenced SOP Instance is a Waveform and Referenced Time Offsets (0040,A138) and Referenced DateTime (0040,A13A) are not present. May be used only if Referenced Channels (0040,A0B0) refers to channels within a single multiplex group.
Referenced Time Offsets (0040,A138) 1C Specifies temporal points for reference by number of seconds after start of data. Required if Referenced Sample Positions (0040,A132) and Referenced DateTime (0040,A13A) are not present.
Referenced DateTime (0040,A13A) 1C Specifies temporal points for reference by absolute time. Required if Referenced Sample Positions (0040,A132) and Referenced Time Offsets (0040,A138) are not present.

C.18.7.1 Temporal Coordinates Macro Attribute Descriptions

C. Temporal Range Type

This Attribute defines the type of temporal extent of the region of interest. A temporal point (or instant of time) may be defined by a waveform sample offset (for a single waveform multiplex group only), time offset, or absolute time.

The following Enumerated Values are specified for Temporal Range Type:

POINT = a single temporal point

MULTIPOINT = multiple temporal points

SEGMENT = a range between two temporal points

MULTISEGMENT = multiple segments, each denoted by two temporal points

BEGIN = a range beginning at one temporal point, and extending beyond the end of the acquired data

END = a range beginning before the start of the acquired data, and extending to (and including) the identified temporal point