C. Graphic Type

When annotation applies to an image, this attribute defines the type of geometry of the annotated region of interest. The following Enumerated Values are specified for image spatial coordinate geometries:

POINT = a single pixel denoted by a single (column,row) pair

MULTIPOINT = multiple pixels each denoted by an (column,row) pair

POLYLINE = a series of connected line segments with ordered vertices denoted by (column,row) pairs; if the first and last vertices are the same it is a closed polygon

CIRCLE = a circle defined by two (column,row) pairs. The first point is the central pixel. The second point is a pixel on the perimeter of the circle.

ELLIPSE = an ellipse defined by four pixel (column,row) pairs, the first two points specifying the endpoints of the major axis and the second two points specifying the endpoints of the minor axis of an ellipse