C.17.4 SR Content Tree Example (Informative)

Figure C.17.4-1 depicts the content of an example diagnostic interpretation.


Notes: 1. For nodes of type CONTAINER, the contents of the Concept Name Code Sequence are shown in quotes and italicized.

2. For nodes of Value Type CODE, PNAME, NUM the contents are shown as “ Concept Name Code Sequence = Value”.

3. For the nodes of Value Type IMAGE and SCOORD, the contents of the Concept Name Code Sequence indicating the purpose of reference are shown in quotes and italicized.

4. The root node containing the Document Type is illustrated using a post-coordinated node of "Chest X-Ray", qualified using a HAS CONCEPT MOD relationship by a child with a CODE meaning "Views = PA and Lateral". An alternative would be to use a single pre-coordinated code in one node that applies to the entire concept of a "Two-view (PA and Lateral) Chest X-Ray". However, the use of pre-coordinated terms to describe complex concepts rapidly becomes unwieldy and difficult to search on (in the sense that more specific pre-coordinated codes do not have a visible relationship with more general codes). If it were necessary to include a longer textual description of Document Type, then this could be achieved with a HAS CONCEPT MOD relationship with one or more TEXT nodes, perhaps in different languages.

5. The Document Type is only a title, and is not being used to convey the Procedure Context, although in this example it does appear to contain a description of some aspects of Procedure Context.

Figure C.17.4-1 (Informative)SR Content Tree for an Example Diagnostic Interpretation