C. Content Sequence and Relationship Type

The Content Sequence (0040,A730) provides the hierarchical structuring of the Content Tree (see C.17.3.1) by recursively nesting Content Items. A parent (or source) Content Item has an explicit relationship to each child (or target) Content Item, conveyed by the Relationship Type (0040,A010) attribute.

Table C.17.3-8 describes the Relationship Types between Source Content Items and the Target Content Items.


Relationship Type Description Definition and Example
CONTAINS Contains Source Item contains Target Content Item. E.g.: CONTAINER "History" {CONTAINS: TEXT “mother had breast cancer”, CONTAINS: IMAGE}
HAS OBS CONTEXT Has Observation Context Target Content Items shall convey any specialization of Observation Context needed for unambiguous documentation of the Source Content Item. E.g: CONTAINER "Report" {HAS OBS CONTEXT: PNAME “Recording Observer” = “Smith^John^^Dr^”}
HAS CONCEPT MOD Has Concept Modifier Used to qualify or describe the Concept Name of the Source Content item, such as to create a post-coordinated description of a concept, or to further describe a concept. E.g. CODE "Chest X-Ray" {HAS CONCEPT MOD: CODE "View = PA and Lateral"} E.g. CODE "Breast" {HAS CONCEPT MOD: TEXT "French Translation" = "Sein"} E.g. CODE "2VCXRPALAT" {HAS CONCEPT MOD: TEXT "Further Explanation" = "Chest X-Ray, Two Views, Postero-anterior and Lateral"}
HAS PROPERTIES Has Properties Description of properties of the Source Content Item. E.g: CODE "Mass" {HAS PROPERTIES: CODE “anatomic location”, HAS PROPERTIES: CODE “diameter”, HAS PROPERTIES: CODE “margin”, ...}.
HAS ACQ CONTEXT Has Acquisition Context The Target Content Item describes the conditions present during data acquisition of the Source Content Item. E.g: IMAGE {HAS ACQ CONTEXT: CODE “contrast agent”, HAS ACQ CONTEXT: CODE “position of imaging subject”, ...}.
INFERRED FROM Inferred From Source Content Item conveys a measurement or other inference made from the Target Content Items. Denotes the supporting evidence for a measurement or judgment. E.g: CODE "Malignancy" {INFERRED FROM: CODE "Mass", INFERRED FROM: CODE "Lymphadenopathy",...}. E.g: NUM: "BPD” = “5mm" {INFERRED FROM: SCOORD}.
SELECTED FROM Selected From Source Content Item conveys spatial or temporal coordinates selected from the Target Content Item(s). E.g: SCOORD "POLYLINE1,1 5,10 5,10 1,10 1,1" {SELECTED FROM: IMAGE}. E.g: TCOORD "SEGMENT 60-200mS" {SELECTED FROM: WAVEFORM}.