C.17.3.1 SR Document Content Tree

The Module consists of a single root Content Item that is the root of the SR Document tree. The root Content Item is of type CONTAINER, and its Content Sequence conveys either directly or indirectly through further nested Content Sequences, all of the other Content Items in the document. This root Content Item shall have a heading in the Concept Name Code Sequence (0040,A043) that conveys the title of the SR Document, i.e. the Document Title.

Figure C.17.3-1 depicts the relationship of SR Documents to Content Items and the relationships of Content Items to other Content Items and to Observation Context.


Figure C.17.3-1SR Information Model


Note: Whether or not relationships by-reference are allowed to ancestor Content Items, is specified in the IOD.

Figure C.17.3-2 - Example of an SR Content Tree (Informative)