C.17.2.5 Verifying Observer, Author Observer, and Participant Sequences

The Verifying Observer Sequence (0040,A073), Author Observer Sequence (0040,A078), and Participant Sequence (0040,A07A) identify significant contributors to the SR document. The Author creates the clinical content of the document. The Verifying Observer verifies and accepts legal responsibility for the content. Other participants may include an Attestor, a person identified as a Participant who “signs” an SR document, but who does not have legal authority to verify the clinical content. E.g., an SR document may be authored and attested by a resident, and then verified by a staff physician; or a document may be authored by a CAD device and attested by a technologist, and then verified by a physician; or a technologist working with a measurement software package may be the author, the package is a Source participant, and the final content is verified by a physician.

An individual shall not be identified in both the Verifying Observer Sequence (as the legal authenticator) and in the Participant Sequence as an Attestor. An individual may be identified in both the Author Observer Sequence and either the Verifying Observer Sequence or the Participant Sequence.

The participation DateTime for the Verifying Observer is conveyed in Verification DateTime (0040,A030) within the Verifying Observer Sequence, for the Author Observer in the Observation DateTime (0040,A032) in the main Data Set (see C.17.3), and for other participants in Participation DateTime (0040,A082) within the Participant Sequence.