C.14.1 Storage Commitment Attribute Description

C.14.1.1 Failure Reason

The following values and semantics shall be used for the Failure Reason Attribute :

0110H - Processing failureA general failure in processing the operation was encountered.

0112H - No such object instanceOne or more of the elements in the Referenced SOP Instance Sequence was not available.

0213H - Resource limitationThe SCP does not currently have enough resources to store the requested SOP Instance(s).

0122H - Referenced SOP Class not supportedStorage Commitment has been requested for a SOP Instance with a SOP Class that is not supported by the SCP.

0119H - Class / Instance conflictThe SOP Class of an element in the Referenced SOP Instance Sequence did not correspond to the SOP class registered for this SOP Instance at the SCP.

0131H - Duplicate transaction UIDThe Transaction UID of the Storage Commitment Request is already in use.