C.13.1 Basic Film Session Presentation Module


Attribute name Tag Attribute Description
Number of Copies (2000,0010) Number of copies to be printed for each film of the film session.
Print Priority (2000,0020) Specifies the priority of the print job. Enumerated Values: HIGH MED LOW
Medium Type (2000,0030) Type of medium on which the print job will be printed. Defined Terms: PAPER CLEAR FILM BLUE FILM MAMMO CLEAR FILM MAMMO BLUE FILM
Film Destination (2000,0040) Film destination. Defined Terms: MAGAZINE = the exposed film is stored in film magazine PROCESSOR = the exposed film is developed in film processor BIN_i = the exposed film is deposited in a sorter bin where ā€œIā€ represents the bin number. Film sorter BINs shall be numbered sequentially starting from one and no maxiumu is placed on the number of BINs. The encoding of the BIN number shall not contain leading zeros.
Film Session Label (2000,0050) Human readable label that identifies the film session
Memory Allocation (2000,0060) Amount of memory allocated for the film session. Value is expressed in KB
Owner ID (2100,0160) Identification of the owner of the film session