C. Referenced Stereometric Instance Sequence

The Referenced Stereometric Instance Sequence (0008,1134) references a Stereometric SOP Instance, whose Stereo Pairs Sequence (0022,0020) references image pairs to be displayed in the Image Box. The number of image pairs referenced for display shall be consistent with the value of Image Box Layout Type (0072,0304). If the value of Image Box Layout Type is SINGLE, only a single pair of frames shall be referenced by the Stereo Pairs Sequence in the referenced stereometric instance; if the value is CINE, only a single pair of multi-frame SOP Instances shall be referenced; if the value is STACK, one or more pairs may be referenced constituting a stack to be displayed in the Image Box, and the order of stepping through the stack shall be the order of Items in the Stereo Pairs Sequence. The manner in which a stereo pair is rendered is unspecified.

Notes: 1. While the Stereometric IOD allows reference to multiple pairs of multi-frame cine Instances, the CINE Image Box Layout does not support the display of more than one (a “stack” of cines).

2. Display of stereo pairs typically requires specialized hardware (e.g., polarizing filters and shutter glasses).