C.11.15.1 Attribute descriptions

C. ICC Profile

The ICC Profile (0028,2000) Attribute encodes an ICC Input Device Profile that encodes the transformation of device-dependent color stored pixel values into PCS-Values.

Notes: 1. Only Input Device profiles are encoded, since display and output device profiles are not interchanged in DICOM, though they may be used internally within display and output devices, for example when they are calibrated.

2. Since the version of the ICC Profile is encoded within the profile itself, no additional version information is encoded in the ICC Profile Module.

The following constraints on the encoding of the ICC Profile shall be observed:

Notes: 1. In the case of a PCS of CIELab, the profile will contain an N-component LUT-based AtoB0Tag, since three-component matrix based transformations are only possible with a PCS of CIEXYZ. A three-component matrix based transformation might be used to define a well-known rather than device-specific profile for such spaces as sRGB.

2. Selection of a PCS of CIELab or CIEXYZ within the ICC profile does not impact the DICOM encoding, since all color management systems support both.

The following constraints on the encoding of the ICC Profile are recommended:

Notes: 1. The rendering intent specifies how rendering will take place when the ICC Input Profile is linked with another Profile for the purpose of display.

2. A perceptual rendering intent implies that AtoB0Tag and BtoA0Tag tags will be present in the profile. The AtoB0Tag allows mapping from the input values to the PCS. The BtoA0Tag allows mapping from the PCS to the input values, though this is not required for the color rendering pipeline defined in PS 3.4.

Note: See the discussion of white point in PS 3.4.