C. Waveform Data

Each sample shall be encoded using the defined Waveform Sample Interpretation (5400,1006), using the defined number of Waveform Bits Stored (003A,021A) right justified in the sample. If the number of Waveform Bits Stored is less than the number of bits in Waveform Bits Allocated, the sign bit shall be extended to the highest order bit of the data sample.

Data values are encoded interleaved, incrementing by channel and then by sample (i.e., C1S1, C2S1,C3S1, ... CnS1, C1S2, C2S2, C3S2, ... CnSm), with no padding or explicit delimitation between successive samples. Cx denotes the channel defined in the Channel Definition Sequence Item in item number x.

Notes: 1. With 8-bit Waveform Data, there may be an odd number of channels and an odd number of samples; see PS3.5 for rules on encoding.

2. The sign bit extension rule differs from the rules for pixel data, which do not require sign extension.