C.10.6 Spatial Transformation Module

This Module defines a manner of rotating an image by increments of ninety degrees and flipping an image.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Image Rotation (0070,0042) 1 How far to rotate the image clockwise in degrees, before any Image Horizontal Flip (0070,0041) is applied. Enumerated Values: 0, 90,180,270 Notes: Negative values are not permitted since the Value Representation is unsigned.
Image Horizontal Flip (0070,0041) 1 Whether or not to flip the image horizontally after any Image Rotation has been applied such that the left side of the image becomes the right side. Enumerated Values: Y = yes, N = no Note: No vertical flip is specified since the same result can be achieved by a combination of a 180 degree rotation and a horizontal flip.

Note: Given the definition of the Grayscale Transformation Sequence in PS 3.4, it is apparent that the rotation, flipping and magnification will be applied AFTER the application of any bit-mapped overlays or graphic annotations that are specified in the image pixel spaces, but BEFORE the application of graphic annotations that apply in the Specified Displayed Area relative space.