C. Cut and Infinite-lines

For the Compound Graphic Type (0070,0294) CUTLINE or INFINITELINE, exactly two points shall be present inside the Graphic Data (0070,0022). The rendering of these lines always extends to the borders of the render area of a view (see Figure C.10.5-4).


Figure C.10.5-4 INFINITELINE


Figure C.10.5-5 CUTLINE on the left and CUTLINE with gap on the right

In case of a CUTLINE, two arrows shall be drawn perpendicular to the cutline. The arrows ends shall be positioned at the midpoints of each half of the cutline. The arrow heads shall point toward the cutline and shall be drawn in the positive right half-plane of the cutline before rotation. Typically, the arrows indicate the viewing direction for MPR renderings that are referenced by these lines.

Gap Length (0070,0261) defines the diameter of the circular area where the CUTLINE or INFINITELINE is not rendered. Center of the circular area is the Rotation Point (0070,0273). Since the dimension units of the Gap Length is DISPLAY, independent of the value of Compound Graphic Units (0070,0282), the length of the gap is not changed by zoom operations on the image performed by the application.