B.26 UNIFIED procedure step information object definition

B.26.1 IOD Description

A Unified Procedure Step (UPS) describes the details of a procedure step that has been scheduled, the progress details during performance, and the details of the procedure step actually performed in response.

B.26.2 IOD Modules

Table B.26.2-1 lists the modules that make up the Unified Procedure Step IOD.

Table B.26.2-1


Module Reference Module Description
SOP Common C.12.1 Contains SOP common information
Unified Procedure Step Relationship Module C.30.4 References the related SOPs and IEs
Unified Procedure Step Scheduled Procedure Information C.30.2 Describes the UPS task to be performed including information about place, time, priority and input data
Unified Procedure Step Progress Information C.30.1 Describes the progress of a UPS task
Unified Procedure Step Performed Procedure Information C.30.3 Describes the work performed including information about status, place, time and result data