A.8.5 Multi-frame True Color SC Image Information Object Definition

A.8.5.1 Multi-frame True Color Image IOD Description

The Multi-frame True Color Secondary Capture (SC) Image Information Object Definition (IOD) specifies True Color images that are converted from a non-DICOM format to a modality independent DICOM format.

This IOD is typically used for screen captured or synthetic images where true color is used, but may also be appropriate for scanned color documents.

A.8.5.2 Multi-frame True Color SC Image IOD Entity-Relationship Model

The E-R Model in Section A.1.2 depicts those components of the DICOM Information Model that directly reference the Secondary Capture Image family of IODs. The Frame of Reference IE, Overlay IE, Modality LUT IE, VOI LUT IE and Curve IE are not components of the this IOD.

A.8.5.3 Multi-frame True Color SC Image IOD Module Table


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Series General Series C.7.3.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
Frame of Reference Frame of Reference C.7.4.1 C - Required if Pixel Measures or Plane Position (Patient) or Plane Orientation (Patient) Functional Group Macros Present
Synchronization C.7.4.2 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 U
SC Equipment C.8.6.1 M
Image General Image C.7.6.1 M
Image Pixel C.7.6.3 M
Cine C.7.6.5 C - Required if Frame Increment Pointer (0028,0009) is Frame Time (0018,1063) or Frame Time Vector (0018,1065)
Multi-frame C.7.6.6 M
Frame Pointers C.7.6.9 U
Device C.7.6.12 U
Multi-frame Functional Groups C.7.6.16 U
Multi-frame Dimension C.7.6.17 U
Specimen C.7.6.22 U
SC Image C.8.6.2 U
SC Multi-frame Image C.8.6.3 M
SC Multi-frame Vector C.8.6.4 C - Required if Number of Frames is greater than 1
ICC Profile C.11.15 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M
Frame Extraction C.12.3 C - Required if the SOP Instance was created in response to a Frame-Level retrieve request

A.8.5.4 Multi-frame True Color SC Image IOD Content Constraints

The VOI LUT module shall not be present.

In the Image Pixel Module, the following constraints apply:

- Samples per Pixel (0028,0002) shall be 3

- Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) shall be RGB for uncompressed or lossless compressed transfer syntaxes that do not involve color space transformations, YBR_ICT for irreversible JPEG 2000 transfer syntaxes, YBR_RCT for reversible JPEG 2000 transfer syntaxes, YBR_PARTIAL_420 for MPEG2 transfer syntaxes and YBR_FULL_422 for other lossy compressed transfer syntaxes

Note: Future lossless and lossy transfer syntaxes may lead to the need for new definitions and choices for Photometric Interpretation.

- Bits Allocated (0028,0100) shall be 8

- Bits Stored (0028,0101) shall be 8

- High Bit (0028,0102) shall be 7

- Pixel Representation (0028,0103) shall be 0

- Planar Configuration (0028,0006) shall be 0 (color-by-pixel) if Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) is RGB

The Overlay module shall not be present.

A.8.5.5 Multi-frame True Color SC Image Functional Group Macros

Table A.8-5b specifies the use of the Functional Group macros used in the Multi-frame Functional Groups Module for the Multi-frame True Color SC Image IOD.


Functional Group Macro Section Usage
Pixel Measures C. C - Required if Plane Position (Patient) or Plane Orientation (Patient) Macros Present
Plane Position (Patient) C. C - Required if Pixel Measures or Plane Orientation (Patient) Macros Present
Plane Orientation (Patient) C. C - Required if Pixel Measures or Plane Position (Patient) Macros Present