A.8.5.4 Multi-frame True Color SC Image IOD Content Constraints

The VOI LUT module shall not be present.

In the Image Pixel Module, the following constraints apply:

- Samples per Pixel (0028,0002) shall be 3

- Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) shall be RGB for uncompressed or lossless compressed transfer syntaxes that do not involve color space transformations, YBR_ICT for irreversible JPEG 2000 transfer syntaxes, YBR_RCT for reversible JPEG 2000 transfer syntaxes, YBR_PARTIAL_420 for MPEG2 transfer syntaxes and YBR_FULL_422 for other lossy compressed transfer syntaxes

Note: Future lossless and lossy transfer syntaxes may lead to the need for new definitions and choices for Photometric Interpretation.

- Bits Allocated (0028,0100) shall be 8

- Bits Stored (0028,0101) shall be 8

- High Bit (0028,0102) shall be 7

- Pixel Representation (0028,0103) shall be 0

- Planar Configuration (0028,0006) shall be 0 (color-by-pixel) if Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) is RGB

The Overlay module shall not be present.