A.8.4.4 Multi-frame Grayscale Word SC Image IOD Content Constraints

The VOI LUT module is required if the VOI LUT stage is not an identity transformation. Support for both window and LUT is mandatory. The output grayscale space is defined to be in P-Values.

Note: If the VOI LUT module is absent, then the stored pixel values are in P-Values.

In the Image Pixel Module, the following constraints apply:

- Samples per Pixel (0028,0002) shall be 1

- Photometric Interpretation (0028,0004) shall be MONOCHROME2

- Bits Allocated (0028,0100) shall be 16

- Bits Stored (0028,0101) shall be greater than or equal to 9 and less than or equal to 16

- High Bit (0028,0102) shall be one less than Bits Stored (0028,0101)

- Pixel Representation (0028,0103) shall be 0

- Planar Configuration (0028,0006) shall not be present

The Overlay module shall not be present. Unused high bits shall be filled with zeroes.