A.66.3.1 Intravascular OCT Image IOD Content Constraints

The following constraints on Image attributes take precedence over the descriptions given in the Module Attribute Tables.

A. Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence

For Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence (0018,0012), the Defined Context Group is 3850.

A. Prohibited Modules

The Overlay Plane Module and VOI LUT Module shall not be used in a Standard Extended SOP Class of the Intravascular Optical Coherence Tomography Image.

Note: In order to annotate images, whether during acquisition or subsequently, SOP Instances of the Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage or the Structured Report Storage SOP Classes that reference the image SOP Instance may be used.

Pseudo-color presentation information may be applied through the use of separate Pseudo-color Softcopy Presentation State SOP instances.

No standard mechanism is provided for inclusion of annotations within the image SOP Instance itself and implementers are discouraged from using private extensions to circumvent this restriction.