A.6.4 US Image IOD Module Table


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Series General Series C.7.3.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
Frame of Reference Frame of Reference C.7.4.1 U
Synchronization C.7.4.2 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 M
Image General Image C.7.6.1 M
Image Pixel C.7.6.3 M
Contrast/bolus C.7.6.4 C - Required if contrast media was used in this image
Palette Color Lookup Table C.7.9 C - Required if Photometic Interpretation (0028,0004) has a value of PALETTE COLOR
Device C.7.6.12 U
Specimen C.7.6.22 U
US Region Calibration C.8.5.5 U
US Image C.8.5.6 M
Overlay Plane C.9.2 U
VOI LUT C.11.2 U
ICC Profile C.11.15 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M

Notes: 1. For the purpose of conveying ultrasound protocol data management information it is recommended that the Performed Protocol Code Sequence (0040,0260) be assigned the code value(s) of the performed ultrasound protocol, if any. The Baseline Context Group for these code values is Context ID 12001 (defined in PS 3.16).

2. The US Frame of Reference Module was previously included in this IOD, but has been retired. See PS 3.3 2003.

A.6.4.1 Mutually Exclusive IEs

Note: A Curve IE was previously included in this IOD that was mutually exclusive with the Image IE, but has been retired. See PS 3.3 2004.