A.59.3.1 Enhanced US Volume IOD Content Constraints

A. Associated Physiological Waveforms

The Acquisition Time Synchronized attribute (0018,1800) shall have a value of ‘Y’ if associated physiological waveforms are linked to the Enhanced US Volume. As described in the Synchronization Module, the same value of the Synchronization Frame of Reference UID (0020,0200) is shared between the Waveform and Enhanced US instances to indicate a common temporal frame of reference for the Acquisition Datetime (0008,002A) values in the waveform and Enhanced US instances. Further, the Frame Reference Datetime attribute (0018,9151) may be used in optimizing alignment between the displayed image and displayed physiological waveforms.

In the case of gated acquisition in which information from multiple events (such as ECG beats) are used to create sub-volumes that are “spliced” or “interleaved” together to form the volume dataset, the Excluded Intervals Module describes the timing of each of the constituent sub-volumes for correlation with the physio waveform.

Note: It is recommended that the Waveform Annotation Module in the General ECG Waveform IOD be used to indicate the times of the R-wave events within the acquisition duration. This allows the viewing application to be able to mark those R-R intervals that contributed to the acquisition of the Enhanced US Volume.

A. Contrast

Baseline context ID for the Contrast/Bolus Agent Sequence (0018,0012) in the Enhanced Contrast/Bolus Module is CID 12030.