A.53.4 X-Ray 3D Angiographic Image Functional Group Macros

Table A.53-2 specifies the use of the Functional Group macros used in the Multi-frame Functional Groups Module for the X-Ray 3D Angiographic Image IOD.


Functional Group Macro Section Usage
Pixel Measures C. M
Frame Content C. M - May not be used as a Shared Functional Group.
Plane Position (Patient) C. M
Plane Orientation (Patient) C. M
Referenced Image C. U
Derivation Image C. C - Required if the Image Type (0008,0008) Value 1 equals DERIVED.
Cardiac Synchronization C. U
Frame Anatomy C. M
Pixel Value Transformation C. U
Frame VOI LUT C. M
Real World Value Mapping C. U
Contrast/Bolus Usage C. C - Required if the Enhanced Contrast/Bolus Module is present.
Respiratory Synchronization C. U
X-Ray 3D Frame Type C. M

A.53.4.1 X-Ray 3D Angiographic Image Functional Group Macros Content Constraints

A. Frame Anatomy Functional Group Macro

The Defined Context ID for the Anatomic Region Sequence (0008,2218) shall be CID 4031.