A.50 RT Ion Beams Treatment Record Information Object Definition

A.50.1 IOD Description

The Radiotherapy Ion Beams Treatment Record IOD (RT Ion Beams Treatment Record IOD) addresses the requirements for transfer of treatment session reports generated by a treatment verification system during a course of Ion beam treatment, with optional cumulative summary information. It may also be used for transfer of treatment information during delivery.

A.50.2 IOD Modules

Table A.50-1 identifies and defines the Modules that comprise this IOD. Modules listed are either mandatory or optional as specified in PS 3.4. Mandatory Modules contain Attributes that are included in all SOP Instances employing this IOD.


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Series RT Series C.8.8.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 M
Treatment Record RT General Treatment Record C.8.8.17 M
RT Patient Setup C.8.8.12 U
RT Treatment Machine Record C.8.8.18 M
Measured Dose Reference Record C.8.8.19 U
Calculated Dose Reference Record C.8.8.20 U
RT Ion Beams Session Record C.8.8.26 M
RT Treatment Summary Record C.8.8.23 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M