A.5 Nuclear medicine image information object definition

A.5.1 NM Image IOD Description

The Nuclear Medicine (NM) Image Information Object Definition (IOD) specifies an image that has been created by a nuclear medicine imaging device. This includes data created by external detection devices that create images of the distribution of administered radioactive materials in the body. Depending on the specific radio pharmaceutical administered and the particular imaging procedure performed, problems involving changes in metabolism, function, or physiology can be investigated and various regional pathologies can be studied.

A.5.2 NM Image IOD Entity-Relationship Model

The E-R Model in Section A.1.2 depicts those components of the DICOM Information Model that directly reference the NM Image IOD. The Modality LUT IE is not a component of the NM Image IOD.

A.5.3 NM Image IOD Module Table (Retired)

Section A.5.3 was defined in a previous version of the DICOM Standard. The Section is now retired.

A.5.4 NM Image IOD Module Table


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Series General Series C.7.3.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
NM/PET Patient Orientation C.8.4.6 M
Frame of Reference Frame of Reference C.7.4.1 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 M
Image General Image C.7.6.1 M
Image Pixel C.7.6.3 M
Acquisition Context C.7.6.14 U - See Section A.5.4.1
Device C.7.6.12 U
Specimen C.7.6.22 U
NM Image Pixel C.8.4.7 M
Multi-frame C.7.6.6 M
NM Multi-frame C.8.4.8 M
NM Image C.8.4.9 M
NM Isotope C.8.4.10 M
NM Detector C.8.4.11 M
NM TOMO Acquisition C.8.4.12 C - Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 3 is TOMO, GATED TOMO, RECON TOMO or RECON GATED TOMO
NM Multi-gated Acquisition C.8.4.13 C - Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 3 is GATED, GATED TOMO, or RECON GATED TOMO
NM Phase C.8.4.14 C - Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 3 is DYNAMIC
NM Reconstruction C.8.4.15 C - Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 3 is RECON TOMO or RECON GATED TOMO
Overlay Plane C.9.2 U
Multi-frame Overlay C.9.3 U
VOI LUT C.11.2 U
ICC Profile C.11.15 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M
Frame Extraction C.12.3 C - Required if the SOP Instance was created in response to a Frame-Level retrieve request

Note: The Curve Module was previously included in the Image IE for this IOD but has been retired. See PS 3.3 2004.