A.48.3 Enhanced XRF Image IOD Module Table


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Series General Series C.7.3.1 M
XA/XRF Series C.8.19.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
Frame of Reference Frame of Reference C.7.4.1 U
Synchronization C.7.4.2 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 M
Enhanced General Equipment C.7.5.2 M
Image Image Pixel C.7.6.3 M
Enhanced Contrast/Bolus C.7.6.4b C - Required if contrast media was applied and the system is able to register contrast usage.
Mask C.7.6.10 U
Device C.7.6.12 U
Intervention C.7.6.13 U
Acquisition Context C.7.6.14 M
Multi-frame Functional Groups C.7.6.16 M
Multi-frame Dimension Module C.7.6.17 U
Cardiac Synchronization C. C - Required if cardiac synchronization was applied.
Respiratory Synchronization C. C - Required if respiratory synchronization was applied.
Specimen C.7.6.22 U
X-Ray Tomography Acquisition C.8.7.7 U
X-Ray Filtration C.8.7.10 U
X-Ray Grid C.8.7.11 U
Enhanced XA/XRF Image C.8.19.2 M
XA/XRF Acquisition C.8.19.3 C - Required if Image Type (0008,0008) Value 1 equals ORIGINAL. May be present otherwise.
X-Ray Image Intensifier C.8.19.4 C - Required if X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) is present and equals IMG_INTENSIFIER.
X-Ray Detector C.8.19.5 C - Required if X-Ray Receptor Type (0018,9420) is present and equals DIGITAL_DETECTOR.
XA/XRF Multi-frame Presentation C.8.19.7 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M
Frame Extraction C.12.3 C - Required if the SOP Instance was created in response to a Frame-Level retrieve request

A.48.3.1 Enhanced XRF Image IOD Content Constraints

A. Modality Type Attribute

The Modality Type attribute (0008,0060) shall have the value RF.

A. Overlay Plane, Curve, VOI LUT and Specimen Identification Modules

The Overlay Plane Module, VOI LUT Module and Softcopy Presentation LUT Module shall not be used in a Standard Extended SOP Class of the Enhanced XRF Image.

Notes: 1. The VOI LUT function is provided by a Frame VOI LUT Functional Group.

2. The Curve Module was previously include in the list of Modules that shall not be present, but has been retired from DICOM. It is still not permitted to be present. See PS 3.3 2004.

3. The Specimen Identification Module was previously included in this IOD but has been retired, and its functionality replaced by the Specimen Module. See PS 3.3-2008.

A. Positioner Type

The Positioner Type (0018,1508) attribute shall have the value COLUMN if the XA/XRF Acquisition Module is present.