A.36.1 Relationship between Enhanced MR IODs

Figure A.36-1 illustrates the relationships between the Enhanced MR IODs described in Section A.36.

Source Image Sequence (0008,2112), Referenced Image Sequence (0008,1140) and Referenced Raw Data Sequence (0008,9121) provide references between SOP Instances.

Note: Many attributes have names and descriptions that include the terms “pixel” and “image”. Although MR spectroscopy is not pixel based, some of these “pixel” and “image” attributes encode concepts that are still relevant for this technique. Where such attributes appear in the MR Spectroscopy IOD, it may be helpful to consider the term “pixel” to be equivalent to a spectroscopy “voxel”, and the term “image” to be equivalent to “MR Spectroscopy SOP Instance”.


Figure A.36-1 Relationships between Enhanced MR IODs