A.32.6 Video Microscopic Image Information Object Definition

A.32.6.1 Video Microscopic Image IOD Description

The Video Microscopic Image IOD specifies the Attributes of Video Microscopic Images, including both imaging of specimens and direct microscopic imaging of the patient (e.g., perioperative microscopy). Microscopic Images with Slide Coordinates shall not be encoded with this IOD.

A.32.6.2 Video Microscopic Image IOD Entity-Relationship Model

The E-R Model in Section A.1.2 of this Part depicts those components of the DICOM Information Model that directly reference the Video Microscopic Image IOD, with exception of the VOI LUT, and Modality LUT entities, which are not used. Table A.32.6-1 specifies the Modules of the Video Microscopic Image IOD.

Notes :

1. The video may include audio channel for acquiring patient voice or physiological sounds, healthcare professionals comment, or environment sounds.

2. The Frame Pointers Module has not been included because the selection of relevant sub-sequence(s) is usually made in a second step and stored into separate Key Object Selection Documents.

3. The Curve entity was previously include in the list of entities that are not used, but has been retired from DICOM. It is still not used in this IOD. See PS 3.3 2004.

4. The Specimen Identification Module was previously included in this IOD but has been retired, and its functionality replaced by the Specimen Module. See PS 3.3-2008.


IE Module Reference Usage
Patient Patient C.7.1.1 M
Clinical Trial Subject C.7.1.3 U
Study General Study C.7.2.1 M
Patient Study C.7.2.2 U
Clinical Trial Study C.7.2.3 U
Series General Series C.7.3.1 M
Clinical Trial Series C.7.3.2 U
Equipment General Equipment C.7.5.1 M
Image General Image C.7.6.1 M
Cine C.7.6.5 M
Multi-frame C.7.6.6 M
Image Pixel C.7.6.3 M
Acquisition Context C.7.6.14 M
Device C.7.6.12 U
Specimen C.7.6.22 C - Required if the Imaging Subject is a Specimen
VL Image C.8.12.1 M
ICC Profile C.11.15 U
SOP Common C.12.1 M
Frame Extraction C.12.3 C - Required if the SOP Instance was created in response to a Frame-Level retrieve request

A.32.6.3 Video Microscopic Image IOD Content Constraints

A. Modality

The value of Modality (0008,0060) shall be GM.

A. Image Related Data Encoding

The Modality LUT, VOI LUT, Graphic Annotation and Overlay Modules shall not be present.

Note: The Curve Module was previously include in the list of Modules that shall not be present, but has been retired from DICOM. It is still not permitted to be present. See PS 3.3 2004.