A.14.1 XA Image IOD Description

This Section defines the Information Object for single plane X-Ray Angiographic Imaging that includes those data elements and information objects necessary for the interchange of digital X-Ray Angiographic data. This includes images of the heart and all blood vessels.

The XA IOD share a significant amount of common information with the XRF IOD. The differences between the two IODs are that the XRF Image IOD includes a tomography module; and the two IODs utilize different methods to specify positioner angles. The XRF Image IOD contains a single column angulation Data Element that uses an equipment based coordinate system, while XA Image IOD c-arm positioner angles are specified in a patient based coordinate system. RF applications that support a patient-based coordinate system with cranial/caudal, LAO/RAO angles may utilize the XA IOD.

The XA IOD is also applicable to clinical areas other than angiography (e.g. Interventional Procedures, Myelography, Biopsy/Localization, and Neurology).

Note: 1. For the purpose of X-Ray Angiography (XA), this IOD can be used to encode a single frame image, or a Cine Run encoded in a single multi-frame image.

2. A typical study might include all the images generated between the time a patient gets on and gets off the procedure table. As several separable diagnostic or therapeutic processes may occur during a single study (e.g., pre-intervention CA, left ventriculography, and post-intervention CA), a series may be defined as comprising a set of images (single or Multi-Frame) associated with one such process within a study.

3. This IOD can be used to encode a single plane acquisition, or one plane of a biplane acquisition.