A.1.2.6 IMAGE IE

The Image IE defines the Attributes that describe the pixel data of an image. The pixel data may be generated as a direct result of patient scanning (termed an Original Image) or the pixel data may be derived from the pixel data of one or more other images (termed a Derived Image). An image is defined by its image plane, pixel data characteristics, gray scale and/or color mapping characteristics, overlay planes and modality specific characteristics (acquisition parameters and image creation information).

An image is related to a single series within a single study.

The pixel data within an Image IE may be represented as a single frame of pixels or as multiple frames of pixel data. The frames of a Multi-frame image (a cine run or the slices of a volume) are sequentially ordered and share a number of common properties. A few Attributes may vary between frames (eg.-Time, Angular Displacement, Slice Increment). All common Image IE Attributes refer to the first frame of a multiple frame image.

Overlay and Lookup Table data may be included within an Image IE only if this information is directly associated with the image.