The Waveform IE represents a multi-channel time-based digitized waveform. The waveform consists of measurements of some physical qualities (e.g., electrical voltage, pressure, gas concentration, or sound), sampled at constant time intervals. The measured qualities may originate, for example, in any of the following sources:

a. the anatomy of the patient,

b. therapeutic equipment (e.g., a cardiac pacing signal or a radio frequency ablation signal),

c. equipment for diagnostic synchronization (e.g., a clock or timing signal used between distinct devices),

d. the physician’s voice (e.g., a dictated report).

The sample data within a Waveform IE may represent one or more acquired channels. Several signal channels acquired at the same sampling rate can be multiplexed (by interleaving samples) in a single multiplex group. (See also PS 3.17 Annex on Waveforms.)