2 Normative references

The following standards contain provisions which, through reference in this text, constitute provisions of this Standard. At the time of publication, the editions indicated were valid. All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibilities of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below.


ISO/IEC Directives, 1989 Part 3 Drafting and Presentation of International Standards

ISO/IEC 2022:1994 Information technology - Character code structure and extension techniques.

ISO 3950-1984 Dentistry - Designation system for teeth and areas of the oral cavity.

ISO 7498-1:1994 Information Processing Systems - Open Systems Interconnection - Basic Reference Model

ISO 7498-2:1989 Information processing systems - Open Systems Interconnection - Basic reference Model - Part 2: Security Architecture

ISO/TR 8509 Information Processing Systems - Open Systems Interconnection - Service Conventions

Note: ISO/TR 8509 has been withdrawn. See ISO/IEC 2382-26:1993 Information technology -- Vocabulary -- Part 26: Open systems interconnection

ISO 8825-1:2002 Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Basic Encoding Rules (BER), Canonical Encoding Rules (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER).

ISO/IEC 10118-3:1998 Information technology - Security techniques - Hash-functions - Part 3: Dedicated hash-functions (RIPEMD-160 reference)

Note: The draft RIPEMD-160 specification and sample code are also available at http://homes.esat.kuleuven.be/~bosselae/ripemd160.html

ISO/IEC 10646:2003 Information Technology -- Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS)

Note: ISO/IEC 10646-2003 is the same as Unicode Version 4.0, available at http://unicode.org

ISO/IEC 13818-1:2000 Information technology -- Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems

ISO/IEC 13818-2:2000 Information technology -- Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Video

ISO/IEC 13818-3:1998 Information technology -- Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information -- Part 3: Audio

ISO/IEC 13818-4:2004 Information technology -- Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information -- Part 4: Conformance testing

ISO 15076-1:2005 Image technology colour management — Architecture, profile format, and data structure

Note: Also available as ICC.1:2004-10 (Profile version, International Color Consortium.

IEC 60601-2-44, Ed.2.1 Medical Electrical Equipment - Part 2-44: Particular Requirements for the Safety of X-Ray Equipment for Computed Tomography, 2002

IEC 61217, Ed 1.1 Radiotherapy Equipment - Coordinates, Movements and Scales, 2002

IEC 61966-2.1 Multimedia systems and equipment - Colour measurement and management- Part 2.1: Colour management - Default RGB colour space - sRGB, 1999

IEC 62494-1 Medical electrical equipment – Exposure index of digital X-ray imaging systems – Part 1: Definitions and requirements for general radiography 2008.


ITU-T G.711 Pulse code modulation (PCM) of voice frequencies, 1998

ITU-T X.509 Information technology - Open Systems Interconnection - The directory: Public-key and attribute certificate frameworks, 2000

Note: ITU-T Recommendation X.509 is similar to ISO/IEC 9594-8 1990. However, the ITU-T recommendation is the more familiar form, and was revised in 1993 and 2000, with two sets of corrections in 2001. ITU-T was formerly known as CCITT.


RFC 2046 Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types, November 1996

RFC 2396 Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax

RFC 2437 PKCS #1 RSA Cryptography Specifications Version 2.0

Note: The RSA Encryption Standard is also defined in informative annex A of ISO/IEC 9796, and in Normative Annex A of the CEN/TC251 European Prestandard prENV 12388:1996.

RFC 2630 Cryptographic Message Syntax, June 1999

RFC 3161 Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure; Time Stamp Protocols


ANSI/HL7 V2.5-2003 HL7 Standard Version 2.5 - An Application Protocol for Electronic Data Exchange in Healthcare Environments

ANSI/HL7 v3 DT R1-2004 Health Level Seven Version 3 Standard: Data Types - Abstract Specification, Release 1

ANSI/HL7 CDA R1.0-2000 Health Level Seven Version 3 Standard: Clinical Document Architecture Framework, Release 1.0

ANSI/HL7 v3 CDA R2-2005 Health Level Seven Version 3 Standard: Clinical Document Architecture Framework, Release 2

HL7 SCTP R1.0 HL7 Structured Clinical Trial Protocol Standard, Release 1.0

ANSI/HL7 SPL R1.0-2004 HL7 Structured Product Labeling Standard, Release 1.0


FIPS PUB 46 Data Encryption Standard

FIPS PUB 81 DES Modes of Operation


Anderson, LL “A “natural” volume-dose histogram for brachytherapy”, Medical Physics 13(6) pp 898-903, 1986.

ANSI X9.52-1998 Triple Data Encryption Algorithm Modes of Operation, Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X9, Financial Services

BI-RADS Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System, 3rd Edition 1998, American College of Radiology.

CIE Publication 15.2-1986 Colorimetry, Second Edition, Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage/ International Commission on Illumination

ECMA 235 The ECMA GSS-API Mechanism, European Computer Manufacturers Association

GB 18030-2000 Information Technology -- Chinese ideograms coded character set for information interchange -- Extension for the basic set, Standards Administration of China

ICRU Report 50 Prescribing, Recording, and Reporting Photon Beam Therapy, International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements, 1993

NEMA UD3-2004 Standard for Real-Time Display of Thermal and Mechanical Acoustic Output Indices on Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment, National Electrical Manufacturers Association and American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

IEEE 754:1985 32-bit and 64-bit Floating Point Number Representations

PDF Reference PDF Reference, Fifth Edition: Adobe Portable Document Format version 1.6, Adobe Systems Incorporated

TIS 620-2533 (1990) Thai Characters Code for Information Interchange, Thai Industrial Standards Institute

McCollough, C.H. A multi-institutional, multi-manufacturer, international standard for the quantification of coronary artery calcium using cardiac CT. Radiology May 2007 “http://radiology.rsnajnls.org/cgi/content/full/243/2/527”.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) CSS2 generic font families http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS2/fonts.html#generic-font-families

ISO_32000 Portable document format http://www.iso.org/iso/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=51502

ISO/IEC 14496-22 Open font formathttp://www.iso.org/iso/iso_catalogue/catalogue_tc/catalogue_detail.htm?csnumber=52136

HPGL HEWLETT PACKARD PCL/PJL ReferencePCL5 Printer Language Technical Reference Manual Part IIHP Part No. 5961-0509“http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bc/docs/support/SupportManual/bpl13211/bpl13211.pdf

US Patent 6,272,235 Bacus, JV, and Bacus, JW, "Method and Apparatus for Creating a Virtual Microscope Slide"

AAPM TG 116 An Exposure Indicator for Digital Radiography, Report of AAPM Task Group 116, July 2009.

IEEE 1588 1588-2008 IEEE Standard for a Precision Clock Synchronization Protocol for Networked Measurement and Control Systems