10.9 Content Identification Macro

Table 10-12 describe the attributes for identifying a SOP Instance potentially created by a human user interacting with an application.


Attribute Name Tag Type Attribute Description
Instance Number (0020,0013) 1 A number that identifies this SOP Instance.
Content Label (0070,0080) 1 A label that is used to identify this SOP Instance.
Content Description (0070,0081) 2 A description of the content of the SOP Instance.
Alternate Content Description Sequence (0070,0087) 3 A sequence containing alternate descriptions suitable for presentation to the user, e.g., in different languages. One or more Items are permitted in this sequence. Note: The values of Specific Character Set for the entire Dataset need to be sufficient to encode all Items of this sequence correctly, e.g., using a single value with broad support such as UTF-8, or multiple values with escape sequences.
>Content Description (0070,0081) 1 An alternate description that is used to identify this SOP Instance.
>Language Code Sequence (0008,0006) 1 The language in which the Content Description (0070,0081) within this sequence item is written. A single Item shall be present.
>>Include Code Sequence Macro Table 8.8-1 Defined CID 5000
Content Creator’s Name (0070,0084) 2 Name of operator (such as a technologist or physician) creating the content of the SOP Instance.
Content Creator’s Identification Code Sequence (0070,0086) 3 Identification of the person who created the content. Only a single item is permitted in this sequence.
>Include Person Identification Macro Table 10-1