Referencing Nested Elements

Examples of use are shown in Table 10-21.

Table 10-21


Example Selector Attribute (0072,0026) Selector Value Number (0072,0028) Selector Sequence Pointer (0072,0052) Selector Sequence Pointer Items (0074,1057)
Entire Patient’s Name (0010,0010) 0 absent absent
Second value (e.g. PRIMARY or SECONDARY) in Image Type Attribute (0008,0008) 2 absent absent
Entire RT Beam Limiting Device Sequence attribute for the third Beam in an RT Plan (300A,00B6) 0 (300A,00B0) 3
RT Beam Limiting Device Type attribute for the second jaw specified for the first Beam in an RT Plan (300A,00B8) 0 (300A,00B0), (300A,00B6) 1\2
Code value attribute for the first item in View Code Sequence (0008,0100) 1 (0054,0220) 1