G.4.4.2 Parameters

Table G.4.4-1Configuration Parameters Table

Parameter Configurable Default Value
General Parameters
PDU Size No 16kB
Time-out waiting for acceptance or rejection Response to an Association Open Request. (Application Level timeout) No None
General DIMSE level time-out values No None
Time-out waiting for response to TCP/IP connect() request. (Low-level timeout) No None
Time-out waiting for acceptance of a TCP/IP message over the network. (Low-level timeout) No None
Time-out for waiting for data between TCP/IP packets. (Low-level timeout) No None
Any changes to default TCP/IP settings, such as configurable stack parameters. No None
AE Specific Parameters (all AE’s)
Size constraint in maximum object size No None
Maximum PDU size the AE can receive (see note 1) No Unlimited
Maximum PDU size the AE can send No Unlimited
AE specific DIMSE level time-out values No None
Number of simultaneous Associations by Service and/or SOP Class No Unlimited
SOP Class support No All supported SOP Classes always proposed and accepted
Transfer Syntax support No All supported Transfer Syntaxes always proposed and accepted
Other parameters that are configurable No None

Notes: 1. Though the application can support unlimited PDU sizes, it will never offer a Maximum Received PDU Length of zero (unlimited) since this triggers a bug in some older systems.