G.4.2.4 MOVE-SCU

G. SOP Classes

MOVE-SCU provide Standard Conformance to the following SOP Class(es):

Table G.4.2-20SOP Classes Supported by MOVE-SCU

SOP Class Name SOP Class UID SCU SCP
Hanging Protocol Information Model – MOVE 1.2.840.10008. Yes No

G. Association Policies

G. General

MOVE-SCU initiates but never accepts associations.

Table G.4.2-21Maximum PDU Size Received as a SCP for MOVE-SCU

Maximum PDU size received Unlimited

G. Number of Associations

Table G.4.2-27Number of Associations as a SCP for MOVE-SCU

Maximum number of simultaneous associations 1

G. Asynchronous Nature

MOVE-SCU will only allow a single outstanding operation on an Association. Therefore, MOVE-SCU will not perform asynchronous operations window negotiation.

G. Implementation Identifying Information

Table G.4.2-23DICOM Implementation Class and Version for MOVE-SCU

Implementation Class UID 1.2.840.999999.3.6
Implementation Version Name Viewer1.0

G. Association Initiation Policy

MOVE-SCU attempts to initiate a new association when the results of the FIND-SCU indicate matching Hanging Protocol Instances to retrieve.

G. Activity – Retrieve From Remote AE

G. Description and Sequencing of Activities

A single attempt will be made to retrieve Hanging Protocol Instances from the remote AE. If the retrieve fails, for whatever reason, no retry will be performed.

G. Proposed Presentation Contexts

Table G.4.2-24Proposed Presentation Contexts for MOVE-SCU and Retrieve From Remote AE

Presentation Context Table
Abstract Syntax Transfer Syntax Role Extended Negotiation
Name UID Name UID
See Table G.4.2-20 See Table G.4.2-20 Implicit VR Little Endian 1.2.840.10008.1.2 SCP None
Explicit VR Little Endian 1.2.840.10008.1.2.1 SCP None

MOVE-SCU will propose multiple Presentation Contexts, one for each of the supported Transfer Syntaxes, and an additional Presentation Context with all of the supported Transfer Syntaxes, in order to determine which Transfer Syntaxes the remote SCP supports, and which it prefers.

G. Extended Negotiation

No extended negotiation is performed.

G. SOP Specific Conformance

G. SOP Specific Conformance to C-FIND SOP Classes

MOVE-SCU provides standard conformance to the supported C-MOVE SOP Class.

No CANCEL requests are ever issued.

The retrieval is performed from the AE that was specified in the Retrieve AE attribute returned from the query performed by FIND-SCU. The instances are retrieved to the current application’s local database by specifying the destination as the AE Title of the STORE-SCP AE of the local application. This implies that the remote C-MOVE SCP must be preconfigured to determine the presentation address corresponding to the STORE-SCP AE. The STORE-SCP AE will accept storage requests addressed to it from anywhere, so no pre-configuration of the local application to accept from the remote AE is necessary (except in so far as it was necessary to configure FIND-SCU).

Table G.4.2-25 Request Identifier for MOVE-SCU

Name Tag Request Key
Hanging Protocol
SOP Instance UID (0008,0018) List of UIDs

G. Presentation Context Acceptance Criterion

MOVE-SCU does not accept associations.

G. Transfer Syntax Selection Policies

MOVE-SCU prefers explicit Transfer Syntaxes. If offered a choice of Transfer Syntaxes in the accepted Presentation Contexts, it will apply the following priority to the choice of Presentation Context to use for the C-MOVE operation:

  1. first encountered explicit Transfer Syntax,

  2. default Transfer Syntax.

G. Response Status

MOVE-SCU will behave as described in the Table below in response to the status returned in the C-MOVE response command message(s).

Table G.4.2-26Response Status for MOVE-SCU and Retrieve From Remote AE Request

Service Status Further Meaning Status Codes Related Fields Behavior
Refused Out of Resources - Unable to calculate number of matches A701 (0000,0902) Retrieval is terminated
Out of Resources - Unable to perform sub-operations A702 (0000,1020) (0000,1021) (0000,1022) (0000,1023) Retrieval is terminated
Move Destination unknown A801 (0000,0902) Retrieval is terminated
Failed Identifier does not match SOP Class A900 (0000,0901) (0000,0902) Retrieval is terminated
Unable to process Cxxx (0000,0901) (0000,0902) Retrieval is terminated
Cancel Sub-operations terminated due to Cancel Indication FE00 (0000,1020) (0000,1021) (0000,1022) (0000,1023) Retrieval is terminated (should never occur, since cancels never issued)
Warning Sub-operations Complete - One or more Failures B000 (0000,1020) (0000,1022) (0000,1023) Retrieval is terminated
Success Sub-operations Complete - No Failures 0000 (0000,1020) (0000,1021) (0000,1022) (0000,1023) Retrieval is terminated
Pending Sub-operations are continuing FF00 (0000,1020) (0000,1021) (0000,1022) (0000,1023) Retrieval continues

G. Sub-operation dependent behavior

Since the C-MOVE operation is dependent on completion of C-STORE sub-operations that are occurring on a separate association, the question of failure of operations on the other association(s) must be considered.

MOVE-SCU completely ignores whatever activities are taking place in relation to the STORAGE-SCP AE that is receiving the retrieved instances. Once the C-MOVE has been initiated it runs to completion (or failure) as described in the C-MOVE response command message(s). There is no attempt by MOVE-SCU to confirm that instances have actually been successfully received or locally stored.

Whether or not completely or partially successfully retrievals are made available in the local database to the user is purely dependent on the success or failure of the C-STORE sub-operations, not on any explicit action by MOVE-SCU.

Whether or not the remote AE attempts to retry any failed C-STORE sub-operations is beyond the control of MOVE-SCU.

If the association on which the C-MOVE was issued is aborted for any reason, whether or not the C-STORE sub-operations continue is dependent on the remote AE; the local STORAGE-SCP will continue to accept associations and storage operations regardless.

G. Association Acceptance Policy

MOVE-SCU does not accept associations.