G. Activity – Receive Storage Request

G. Description and Sequencing of Activities

As instances are received they are copied to the local file system and a record inserted into the local database. If the received instance is a duplicate of a previously received instance, the old file and database record will be overwritten with the new one.

G. Accepted Presentation Contexts

Table G.4.2-5Accepted Presentation Contexts forSTORAGE-SCP and Receive Storage Request

Presentation Context Table
Abstract Syntax Transfer Syntax Role Extended Negotiation
Name UID Name UID
See Table G.4.2-1 See Table G.4.2-1 Implicit VR Little Endian 1.2.840.10008.1.2 SCP None
Explicit VR Little Endian 1.2.840.10008.1.2.1 SCP None

G. Extended Negotiation

No extended negotiation is performed, though STORAGE-SCP:

— is a Level 2 Storage SCP (Full – does not discard any data elements)

— does not support digital signatures

— does not coerce any received data elements

G. SOP Specific Conformance

G. SOP Specific Conformance to Storage Service Class

STORAGE-SCP provides standard conformance to the Storage Service Class.

When displaying an image in the viewing application, if a Hanging Protocol Instance is not being applied or the instance being applied does not contain presentation intent attributes, the newest Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State containing references to the image will be automatically applied, and the GSPS Presentation Label and Presentation Description will be displayed. The user has the option to select any other Presentation States that also reference the image. If no Presentation State references the image then no Presentation State will be applied by default. If a Hanging Protocol Instance is being applied, the presentation intent attributes, if present, are used to select the closest matching GSPS instance to apply. If there is no GSPS instance, then the Hanging Protocol Instance presentation intent attributes are applied, if present.

All of the Image Storage SOP Classes listed in Table G.4.2-1 are supported as references from instances of the Grayscale Softcopy Presentation State Storage SOP Class.

G. SOP Specific Conformance to Hanging Protocol Storage Service Class

STORAGE-SCP provides standard conformance to the Hanging Protocol Storage Service Class.

If Partial Data Display Handling (0072,0208) is zero length, then MAINTAIN_LAYOUT behavior is applied. If the value is ADAPT_LAYOUT, then Image Boxes are proportionally resized to occupy all available display space.

If the display environment of a Hanging Protocol Instance differs from the display environment of the ImageViewer, then the layout is maintained.

The Hanging Protocol SOP instances are stored to a local database until explicitly deleted. When a study is selected for display, the application automatically applies a Hanging Protocol Instance to the study.

G. Presentation Context Acceptance Criterion

STORAGE-SCP will always accept any Presentation Context for the supported SOP Classes with the supported Transfer Syntaxes. More than one proposed Presentation Context will be accepted for the same Abstract Syntax if the Transfer Syntax is supported, whether or not it is the same as another Presentation Context.

G. Transfer Syntax Selection Policies

STORAGE-SCP prefers explicit Transfer Syntaxes. If offered a choice of Transfer Syntaxes in a Presentation Context, it will apply the following priority to the choice of Transfer Syntax:

  1. first encountered explicit Transfer Syntax,

  2. default Transfer Syntax.

STORAGE-SCP will accept duplicate Presentation Contexts, that is, if it is offered multiple Presentation Contexts, each of which offers acceptable Transfer Syntaxes, it will accept all Presentation Contexts, applying the same priority for selecting a Transfer Syntax for each.

G. Response Status

STORAGE-SCP will behave as described in the Table below when generating the C-STORE response command message.

Table G.4.2-6Response Status for STORAGE-SCP and Receive Storage Request

Service Status Further Meaning Status Codes Reason
Failure Refused: Out of Resources A700 Never sent
Error: Data Set does not match SOP Class A900 Never sent – data set is not checked prior to storage
Error: Cannot understand C000 Never sent
Warning Coercion of Data Elements B000 Never sent - no coercion is ever performed
Data Set does not match SOP Class B007 Never sent - data set is not checked prior to storage
Elements Discarded B006 Never sent – all elements are always stored
Success 0000