This Annex is a template which shall be used to generate a DICOM Conformance Statement. The document is hierarchically structured in three different levels:

— A DICOM Conformance Statement Overview, which is typically one page, geared towards people that want to get a quick overview of the functionality and services.

— For Networking and Media, the relationship between the AE’s, followed by the information for each AE

— For the services supported as SCU and SCP all the SOP specific details

Annexes are provided to specify the Object descriptions (IOD’s), with specifics about the field usage as well as the data dictionaries.

Note: The numbering scheme for numbering paragraphs in this document is to be used as a guideline in preparing the outline of the Conformance Statement. Although strongly encouraged, the Conformance Statement is not required to have exactly the same paragraph numbers because a particular Conformance Statement might have special considerations, which will cause the outline to differ in certain details from the outline of this document. In addition, a vendor might have internal company guidelines prescribing a specific format. Note however, that the overall structure, tables, definition of variables and information such as headers, should be strictly followed.