7.1 DICOM Network Conformance Requirements

An implementation claiming DICOM network conformance shall:

— conform to the minimum conformance requirements defined in this section;

— provide with the implementation a Conformance Statement structured according to the rules and policies in this Part including Annex A;

— conform to at least one Standard or Standard Extended SOP class as defined in PS 3.4;

Note: Conformance to a Standard or Standard Extended SOP class implies conformance to the related IOD outlined in PS 3.3, the Data Elements defined in PS 3.6, and the operations and notifications defined in PS 3.7.

— comply with the rules governing SOP Class types outlined in Section 7.3;

— accept a Presentation Context for the Verification SOP Class as an SCP if the implementation accepts any DICOM association requests;

— produce and/or process Data Sets as defined in PS 3.5;

Note: Conformance to PS 3.5 also implies conformance to PS 3.6.

— obtain legitimate right to a registered <org id> for creating UIDs (see PS 3.5) if an implementation utilizes Privately Defined UIDs (i.e., UIDs not defined in the DICOM Standard);

— support the following communication mode:

— TCP/IP (See PS 3.8),