8.1.6 Charset of the response

Character set with which the returned object is to be encoded, as defined in the IETF RFC2616. This parameter is OPTIONAL.

The parameter name shall be “charset”.

The value shall be a list of character sets, separated by a "," character, and potentially associated with relative degree of preference, as specified in IETF RFC2616.

The Web Client may provide a list of character sets it supports in the "Accept-charset" field of the GET method. If this field is present, the value of the charset parameter of the request shall be one of the values specified in it.

The Server may or may not support character set conversion. If character set conversion is supported:

Notes: 1. The IANA Character Set registrations specify names and multiple aliases for most character sets. The standard value for use in WADO is the one marked by IANA as "preferred for MIME." If IANA has not marked one of the aliases as "preferred for MIME", the name used in DICOM shall be the value used for WADO.

2. The table in Annex D provides an informative mapping of some IANA values to DICOM Specific Character Set Defined Terms.