7.1 Single Frame Image Objects

7.1.1 Objects accessed

In this category are all object instances of SOP classes defined in PS 3.3 that consist of a single image frame, instances of multi-frame SOP Classes that contain only one frame, or object instances that consist of single frame accessed from instances of multi-frame SOP Classes using the "frameNumber" parameter.

7.1.2 MIME type constraints

The Server shall be able to send a response in each of the following MIME types:

If the contentType parameter is not present in the request, the response shall contain an image/jpeg MIME type, if compatible with the ‘Accept’ field of the GET method.

When an image/jpeg MIME type is returned, the image shall be encoded using the JPEG baseline lossy 8 bit Huffman encoded non-hierarchical non-sequential process ISO/IEC 10918.

Note: The choice of image/jpeg as the default for continuous tone images is a consequence of the universal support by Web Clients.

The Server should also support the following MIME types:

The Server may also support other MIME types.