4 Terms and definitions

For the purposes of this part of DICOM, the following terms and definitions apply.

4.1 DICOM Persistent Object

An instance of a data object as defined by PS 3.3 that has been allocated an unique identifier in the format specified for SOP Instance UID in PS 3.3 and has been chosen as an object to be saved securely for some period of time. Within the DICOM Standard, a DICOM Persistent Object is referred to as a Composite Service Object Pair (SOP) Instance.

4.2 Web Client System

A system using Internet technologies (web, e-mail…) interested in retrieving DICOM Persistent Objects from a Web Enabled DICOM Server, through HTTP/HTTPs protocol.

4.3 Web Enabled DICOM Server

A system managing DICOM Persistent Objects and able to transmit them on request to the Web Client System.

4.4 Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects

A service enabling the Web Client System to retrieve DICOM Persistent Objects managed by a Web Enabled DICOM Server, through HTTP/HTTPs protocol.