ZZ.1.5 Implant Assembly Templates

Instances of the Implant Assembly Template IOD are utilized to define intended combinations of implant templates. An Implant Assembly Template consists of a sequence of component type definitions (Component Type Sequence (0076,0032)) which references Implant Template Instances and assigns roles to the referenced implants. In the example in Figure ZZ.1-3, the component types “Stems” and “Heads” are defined. Four different stems and two different heads are referenced. Both groups are flagged mandatory and exclusive, i.e. a valid assembly requires exactly one representative of each group.

The Component Assembly Sequence (0076,0060) declares possible connections between components referenced by the component groups. Each sequence item refers to exactly two implant templates which are part of at least one component group in the same Implant Assembly Template Instance. An Component Assembly Sequence Item references one mating feature in each of the templates according to which the assembly is geometrically constrained. The double-pointed dashed lines represent the Items of the Component Assembly Sequence in Figure ZZ.1-3.